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UAB Litocolorit was founded in 2005.
  • The company name Litocolorit is formed from two words, Lithos — ancient  Greek translated means stone, and color. Thus, the meaning of the name Litocolorit, freely interpreted, means colors of stone.




The main activities of the company are: trade of stone processing tools, equipment as a representation of German company Weha and other German and Italian companies in the Baltic countries.


  • The German company Weha Ludwig Werwein GmbH ( and other companies we represent, have long-term experience in the field of stone processing and devote great attention to the improvement of the supply and quality of their products and the progress of modern technology. The goods are characterized by high quality, durability, accuracy. our selection of products ranges from the processing of blocks to the assembly of finished products. We have the most popular goods in our store in Kaunas. We can send the goods from Kaunas, German or Italian warehouses directly to your desired location.




  • Our responsibility:
    to represent the German company Weha and our other partner companies from Germany and Italy and provide comprehensive advice to our customers on their production, provide them with all the information they require, provide individual offers, business advice, sell goods and provide after-sales service. In case of a machine order, we advise on the preparation of the foundations, and we check that the preparatory work has been carried out properly before the machine is mounted. Even if you don´t find the product you want on our website or Weha page, call or email us and we will provide you with individual offers, because not everything is online, it's just the most popular items.
  • If you want to renew the factory equipment, but you are not fully well known with the current state of the art in the field of stone processing and machining, please contact us. We recommend the facilities that are best for your production. We can develop an ergonomic plan that allows you to plan the most comfortable and optimal layout of machines and other equipment suitable for the spatial conditions. There are several steps in the plan to buy only the most basic equipment, but more equipment can be planned for the future. This will help you to optimize your space, choose the most suitable places for electricity, water and other installations and operational steps, and for the workers, the servicing and management of machine tools and other equipment will be convenient and simple, well thought out and cost-effective in the future. If necessary, we come to our customers directly to their factory and consult.


Our Competence and Experience:
  • The Director of our company, Günther Haase has graduated in Germany as stonemason and stone sculpture master. His long-lasting and meticulous work, experience (started to work with stone in 1979) and the acquired qualification make it possible to provide excellent advice on all aspects of stone processing.
  • Upon request, we provide stone training. For example, ornamentation on stone, restoration works, sculptures, etc.




Other business activities:


  • Export of your exclusive products from the Baltic countries to Germany. Suggest if those products or goods are interesting for the German market, we will try to offer them and sell them. We are looking forward to your proposals.